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Cox’s Bazar doesn’t see targeted tourist

Staff Correspondent, Cox’s Bazar : Lakhs of tourists’ flock to Cox’s Bazar every year to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year, but this time there are no tourists as expected. Tourists do not roam in hotels-motels, beaches and various entertainment centers.
Those concerned think that tourists did not come due to various reasons including political unrest, restrictions on the First Night event. However, the Tourist Police has taken adequate security measures for the tourists who have come to Cox’s Bazar.
Lakhs of tourists are expected to come to Cox’s Bazar beach to say goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024. But this time there is no expected tourist at the Thirty First celebration. Cox’s Bazar has been in a tourist drought for a month due to political unrest, restrictions on Thirty First Night events. While the beaches have seen a few tourists, other entertainment centers in the district are empty. However, the tourists who have already come to Cox’s Bazar to celebrate the 31st Night, are talking about various disadvantages.
Rubina Yasmin and Fahad Chowdhury, a tourist couple who came to Cox’s Bazar from Moghbazar in the capital, said that they came to Cox’s Bazar to celebrate the 31st Night and saw a different scene. While there are no mole holding areas on the beach at other times, this time it was completely empty. No noise.
Mahmudul Islam, a tourist from Jessore, said that we eight friends came to Cox’s Bazar to celebrate the 31st Night and were very disappointed. Because there is no program here. I heard that the event is being held indoors in a couple of hotels. But we are not allowed to go there.
Rabiul Alam and his wife Zenia Akhtar from Chittagong Halishahar said, there are many memories of the old years. Wants to start the new year by washing away the many sorrows of life. In the afternoon, I bid farewell to the last sunset of the old year and look forward to the new sunrise.
On the occasion of Thirty First Night, concerned businessmen who are expecting a large number of tourists say that now is the tourist season. Still, there is frustration over the lack of tourists on this day of New Year celebrations. Tourists have turned away from sea side due to political unrest and restrictions on events. If this continues, the businessmen fear to leave the business in the coming days.
Tourism businessman Abdur Rahman said that due to political instability and security restrictions were imposed on all kinds of events, tourists did not come to Cox’s Bazar as expected. Stopping the event bodes ill for the tourism industry. It goes without saying that so few tourists have come to Cox’s Bazar this year. Because of this, traders are facing losses.
General Secretary of Cox’s Bazar Kalatali Marine Drive Hotel Owners Association Mukhim Khan said, on the occasion of the 31st night, the traders were full of hope. But that hope is alone in the dust. In fact, Saturn did not pass the tourism business throughout the year. We hope to be dreaming of being full of tourists after the election.
Additional District Magistrate (Tourism Cell) of Cox’s Bazar Yamin Hussain said that while the thirty-first night celebrations were allowed to be held indoors in various star quality hotels, no type of event was allowed considering the political situation. All kinds of events including fireworks, speculations are prohibited.
Additional DIG of Tourist Police Cox’s Bazar Zone Apel Mahmud said that adequate security has been taken for the tourists who have already visited Cox’s Bazar for the Thirty First Night celebration. According to Tourist Police, three-tiered security system, police team has been increased, plain-clothed police, CC cameras and drone cameras are in place.
It is not a disappointment, conscious people think that if thirty first night can be celebrated in Cox’s Bazar in the next year in a beautiful way and if the tourist districts of the country including Cox’s Bazar are freed from political influence, restrictions are relaxed and various facilities are increased, the tourism industry will develop.

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